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Recommended by doctors aiming to help their patients breathe easier and experience improved health, RainSoft's DFS air purification system is designed as a free-standing air purifier capable of 99.99% efficiency. These products offer exceptional benefits with simple operation.

Breathe easier with free-standing air purification

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• Captures particles .3 micron size

  or large

• 4 times the particle capture of  

  HEPA units

• Verified microorganism  

  destruction of at least 94%

• Super-absorbent six-stage filter

  to remove smoke, gases,

  chemicals, and odors

• Highly portable


Experience the benefits of DFS air purification

• FDA-listed Class II Medical Device

• Kills 99% or more of viruses

• Kills 98% or more of bacteria

• Kills 94% or more of mold and fungi

• 8-stage filtration and 6-stage chemical absorption

• Weighs only 34 pounds

• Effective for up to 1500 square feet

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