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Bottled water is delicious and refreshing, but can become cumbersome to haul and store. Scheduling deliveries can be frustrating, and constantly using up bottles is costly and contributes to pollution. RainSoft drinking water systems are designed to provide the delicious, fresh flavor of bottled water with convenience of water right from the tap. This also allows you to enjoy better-tasting food and beverages when prepared with your treated water.

Enjoy crisp, delicious drinking water

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If you are looking for space-efficient, convenient drinking water, the Hydrefiner is the ideal choice. This compact system fits right under the sink and utilizes a carbon-block filter to eliminate bad tastes and odors from your home's drinking and cooking water.

Get economical, convenient treatment

For more extensive water treatment effects, the Ultrefiner is your premium choice. This system creates exceptionally clean water using reverse osmosis and advanced filtration to remove even very small particles. We assure that the water used from this process not only enhances the quality of your food and drink, but has unpleasant odor and taste eliminated as well!

Experience highly-polished drinking water

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