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Lead is a naturally-occurring metal that has been detected in a wide variety of settings, including soil, paint, pewter, food, and even drinking water. Exposure in high quantities can put your family at serious risk. Lead contamination systems are designed to remove this toxic metal and protect your family's health. Schedule a FREE in-home water analysis to detect contamination. Ask how to SAVE $100 OFF any automatic system.

Is your family's water contaminated by lead?

Ask about our TRUE LIFETIME WARRANTY to protect your investment into the health of your family.

• Brain damage

• Damage to red blood cells

• Kidney damage

• Birth defects

• Physical and mental  

  development delays in children

• Deficits in attention span

  and learning abilities

• Increases in adult

  blood pressure


Potential dangers of lead in drinking water

• Brass faucets or fittings

• Lead pipes in the water system

• Copper pipes with solder

• Naturally soft water

• Water that sits in pipes for extended periods


Common causes of lead contamination in drinking water

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